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CHS ramblings

100 reasons why you're my best friend

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My Co9
by the Beautiful and talented Queen Amanda Kay

Everyday, we always meet
Everyday, it seems so neat
How we can always make some changes,
But stay friends even through the rain.

I want you all to know I care,
And that I'll always be there,
For sleepover's at Melissa's house,
And sitting through tears and fears on her couch,

You guys are my very best friends,
With the type of friendship that never ends.
I'll always be glad that I have you,
To always help me when I feel blue.

And we can't forget all our members,
Who add something special to remember.
First there's our very own Jennifer,
Whose Plungering we all remember, though to her it was just a blur;
Then there's our smarty, Carolyn,
Whose talent in singing and math skills will never end;
Right in the middle, let's put our Peacekeeper,
Our one and only Abbie, who is the nicest mommy, a fact to which we all concur;
Next, we have our Mab,
Who has the talent of drawing and acting, and for this we will always be glad;
And just then we have on the scene,
Our little Myriah who always carries the funny/crazy gene.
She may be last, but certainly not least,
Marina brings to the group the talent of writing, which, to me, is always a feast;

There you all are, my very best friends,
Each of whose beauty and talent, I could never capture with any camera lens.
And never in any other time,
Could you find such a lucky girl with such good friends,
As the Co9.