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(Make Inverness Beautiful)

[25 Apr 2007|09:10pm]

I don't know if anyone really is alive anymore

Hey we all should get together after high school

(Make Inverness Beautiful)

[06 Jul 2006|01:51am]

Tell me anything new about you.

Come one- there has to be something.

(Make Inverness Beautiful)

[27 Jun 2006|02:20am]


(Make Inverness Beautiful)

Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo. [26 Jun 2006|06:51pm]


This will blow your mind.

(Make Inverness Beautiful)

[25 Jun 2006|02:44pm]


(Make Inverness Beautiful)

Must we keep up this charade? [25 Jun 2006|02:47am]

[ mood | determined ]


"I'm serious! This is a big concern for me!"

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[23 Jun 2006|11:55pm]

[ mood | determined ]


Because if I'm going to do this, I might as well do it at my own expense.

Read more webcomics, fool.

(Make Inverness Beautiful)

[18 Jun 2006|07:26am]

"I have this disease late at night, involving alcohol and the telephone. I get drunk, and I drive my wife away with breath like mustard gas and roses. And then, speaking gravely and elegantly into the telephone, I ask the telephone operators to connect me with this friend or that one, from whom I have not heard in years."

Any one of you who can tell me where that's from gets to be my new drinking buddy.

I've never been drunk in my life; have you?

And the answer to Jen's riddle is "he shoots the mirror."

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[02 Jun 2005|11:52pm]

I would just like to say that this community EXISTS.

Mexico like woah, yo.

You may now continue about your usual nonsense.
Pillage, plunder, whatever.

(Make Inverness Beautiful)

[02 Jun 2005|12:47am]

Hey everyone,

Abby sends her love from PA.

She also says that she misses us.


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[03 May 2005|09:32pm]

[ mood | being a therapist... ]

So, I'm hoping that everyone knows about Amanda's number game, but if you don't, here's a run down of how it goes. After I post this, I'm gonna comment on it, I'm gonna comment the number one, as in '1'. After that, someone has to post the number two as in '2'. and so on and so on. Dont post ANYTHING OTHER THAN THE NUMBER ( EVEN YOUR NAME)OR WE WILL HAVE TO START OVER AGAIN. You may also not post a number that is already there or else we will have to start over again. Normally, like in Amanda's car, we can rarely get passed the number three. This will be interesting, thats for sure, which is part of why we're doing this, the other reason is that I'm trying to get our support for our own little community! cause it's cool and needs to be loved more! So anyway, yea, maybe this will bring people to also want to post something on here related to us, cause they should. I know that now I am going to try to!!! Oh and one more rule, you cannot post two numbers consecutively, however, is you post a number and somebody posts the next number, than you my post the next number. For example:(Me:8 You:9 Me:10)

Have fun with it guys!!!

~Love to all my co9!


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[23 Jan 2005|12:41am]

Happy Birthday to me.

Cause that's how I roll.

(Make Inverness Beautiful)

[06 Aug 2004|05:33pm]

You are in an anime! What happens?
by meteoric
What the anime is aboutVampires
GenreSci-Fi Western
Episode count133
Your roleMain character!
Quiz created with MemeGen!

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[03 Jun 2004|12:33pm]

[ mood | weird ]

u see this is the thing...i found out that friday some of my friends r going to see PoA on friday....im glad that they r going but i kinda just wont to be with my mom....it would nice to see them, but still....it would be some time that my mom and i spend together..so yea...im going on and u might not know where im going with this...so i will leave now.

(Make Inverness Beautiful)

[26 Mar 2004|01:17am]

[ mood | anxious ]

Um, yeah. So nobody has been on lj recently, probably because you all have gotten lives or something. I, on the other hand, have been lurking about hoping for something to happen.
Oh well.
Anyway, I gotta know if we're doing the fair party or anything. Riah posted that she couldn't go...sad, but not helpful to the clueless lil me.

So to any computer using council members:
Please please please tell me what/where/when the party is. Please? I love you!!! I miss you!!! I am desparate for co9 party action!!!

(Make Inverness Beautiful)

[25 Mar 2004|04:56pm]

[ mood | smiling ]

hey i heard the party was this weekend, i wont be coming. before you get all huff and puff about it let me tell you why. im leaving friday night and going to my uncle kevin's place, on saturday we are leaving from his house to go to Kennedy Space Center ( they having a picnic). im going to be able to me astronauts, and other things. so im going to miss the party for that.

see ya later

(Make Inverness Beautiful)

WoOoOoOOoOoOoOo!!! [19 Mar 2004|02:33pm]

[ mood | bored outa my EFFING head ]

What should your name really be? by faithforever
Your first name:
Your middle name:
Your favorite song:
Your least favorite song:
You name should be:Mab
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!

Is that awesome or what?

(Make Inverness Beautiful)

MEH [01 Mar 2004|03:22pm]

[ mood | bleh ]

Went to the Psych in Gville today.
Talked to the one that looked like Mrs Dover for a while (the younger one called in sick).
She indefinately diagnosed me with ADD/Depression and gave me these pills called wellbutrin..
I know Thril doesnt want me to take them but its just for a few weeks and really.. There does happen to be a thing or two that she/The Co9 might not know about.
(Wonders if this will bring on another online~war)
I start taking it tomorrow.

Let me know if I change

I didn't tell her about my (cajun man:) addiction
I got to school in time for the last hour or so of fourth block.
TAS, I'll ask about St Pattys day.


(Make Inverness Beautiful)

Yet more quoteageynessionetion [19 Feb 2004|04:34pm]

[ mood | Mabish ]


"There is no way I'm gonna have a kid! Seriously I mean think about it, How the heck are you supposed to fit a child the size of a watermelon through a hole the size of a quarter??"
~Em Wood~

"I'm sorry, I don't believe you.. Not calling you a liar, I just don't believe you."
~Ms Neander~

“Ta da toillleetttt, tad a SOAP DISPENSER (ta da soap dispenser!) Til ya sweat down on yo knees ! AWWLL yall bitchez clean !”
~Myriah supervising the demolition of the bathrooms~

"This book of all powerfulishness is stored in Officer~land.. which is also that table over there which is also Stash~your~crap~land"
~Ms Neander

**One hour after school gets out, tas and mab (one of whom is in rotc uniform) sit on the sidewalk by Line st. eating pie with a spoon and blowing kisses at random cars as they pass**


"If I were your mother, I'd smack you right now.."
~Mrs Alverado

"Okay, if Bill Gates gave you 42 BILLION dollars to fuck him.. Would you?"
"HELL YAH-- But I'd probly spend most of it on the counseling to convince myself it never happened.."
~Mab and her Stalker

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[18 Feb 2004|06:33pm]

[ mood | waiting and mab knows why ]


"you cant leave me, we just got married!"
"well you see it is like this...
i work for the CIA and im not real."
~tas/mab's starkler

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