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So, I'm hoping that everyone knows about Amanda's number game, but if you don't, here's a run down of how it goes. After I post this, I'm gonna comment on it, I'm gonna comment the number one, as in '1'. After that, someone has to post the number two as in '2'. and so on and so on. Dont post ANYTHING OTHER THAN THE NUMBER ( EVEN YOUR NAME)OR WE WILL HAVE TO START OVER AGAIN. You may also not post a number that is already there or else we will have to start over again. Normally, like in Amanda's car, we can rarely get passed the number three. This will be interesting, thats for sure, which is part of why we're doing this, the other reason is that I'm trying to get our support for our own little community! cause it's cool and needs to be loved more! So anyway, yea, maybe this will bring people to also want to post something on here related to us, cause they should. I know that now I am going to try to!!! Oh and one more rule, you cannot post two numbers consecutively, however, is you post a number and somebody posts the next number, than you my post the next number. For example:(Me:8 You:9 Me:10)

Have fun with it guys!!!

~Love to all my co9!

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