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Yet more quoteageynessionetion


"There is no way I'm gonna have a kid! Seriously I mean think about it, How the heck are you supposed to fit a child the size of a watermelon through a hole the size of a quarter??"
~Em Wood~

"I'm sorry, I don't believe you.. Not calling you a liar, I just don't believe you."
~Ms Neander~

“Ta da toillleetttt, tad a SOAP DISPENSER (ta da soap dispenser!) Til ya sweat down on yo knees ! AWWLL yall bitchez clean !”
~Myriah supervising the demolition of the bathrooms~

"This book of all powerfulishness is stored in Officer~land.. which is also that table over there which is also Stash~your~crap~land"
~Ms Neander

**One hour after school gets out, tas and mab (one of whom is in rotc uniform) sit on the sidewalk by Line st. eating pie with a spoon and blowing kisses at random cars as they pass**


"If I were your mother, I'd smack you right now.."
~Mrs Alverado

"Okay, if Bill Gates gave you 42 BILLION dollars to fuck him.. Would you?"
"HELL YAH-- But I'd probly spend most of it on the counseling to convince myself it never happened.."
~Mab and her Stalker
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